Middlesex CCC require a Coach for the T20 Blast competition in 2017


  • The successful candidate will be responsible for developing the Middlesex CCC T20 cricket team and competing in the T20 Blast competition.
  • The Coach will report to Richard Scott, the Head Coach of Middlesex County Cricket Club, and will have overall responsibility for the performance and management of the Middlesex T20 team
  • The Coach will be responsible for reviewing, maintaining and enforcing the disciplinary codes during the tournament
  • The Coach will be a member of the selection panel


  • Coaching experience in the major global T20 leagues is essential
  • Candidates must be able to point to a track record of success at T20 level achieved over an extended period of time.


  • The successful candidate will be an accomplished strategist with clear and ambitious plans for how they will develop and build success for the Middlesex T20 team moving forward. They will need to demonstrate that they can create a winning culture.
  • The Coach will be an outstanding communicator and man manager. Their focus will be on managing a competitive, highly skilled and self-reliant team and an elite performance environment that demands exceptional standards of professionalism.
  • It will be the Coach’s role to ensure that there is a structure in place that ensures that all players are developed as cricketers and individuals. The successful candidate will need to provide confidence that they can develop and improve the existing talent technically and tactically, whilst identifying and integrating new talent into a team culture that is both challenging and supportive.
  • The Head Coach needs to demonstrate great organisational and tactical strengths and will be responsible for setting out and then executing short, medium and long term plans for the development of the team. Central to these will be the ability to manage the playing and coaching resources at their disposal to the greatest effect.
  • The Head Coach must be able to demonstrate an innovative approach and a commitment to being at the cutting edge of the latest developments in cricket and elite coaching.


Letters of application and full CVs should be sent by email to Richard.goatley@middlesexccc.com