Cricket Clubs in Middlesex perform a vital role in ensuring that cricket is fun, safe and engaging for thousands of people within and around the county. Our commitment is to prioritise support to clubs in order to ensure a sustainable future for cricket in the County.

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Cricket Clubs in Middlesex perform a vital role in ensuring that cricket is fun, safe and engaging for thousands of people within and around the county. Our commitment is to prioritise support to clubs in order to ensure a sustainable future for cricket in the County. Read more


The Middlesex Cricket Board (MCB) provides support to all organisations that deliver opportunities for people to play, attend or follow cricket in the County. The affiliation categories below outline the services and offers available to leagues, clubs, teams, schools and organisations in 2016.


Available to clubs with an active Clubmark accreditation or working towards accreditation.


Available to clubs without Clubmark accreditation who play in the Middlesex County Cricket League, Middlesex Championship, the Middlesex 1987 Cricket League, the Middlesex Premier League, Middlesex Sunday League or MCB Development League.


Available to clubs, teams, schools and organisations where the above categories do not apply. This includes clubs, teams and organisations wishing to affiliate to the MCB as a secondary affiliation.

Each club affiliated with the MCB - Accredited Club, League Club and Associate - is entitled to a fantastic range of benefits. Please see below for a full breakdown of all the benefits.


Club Support

Despite record numbers of juniors coming into the game, club cricket is facing a series of social, economic and environmental challenges. In response, and following widespread consultation, the ECB developed the National Club Strategy - CLICK HERE

This strategy provides a framework from which all ECB-affiliated clubs can plan for a sustainable future. It will remain central to all areas of club cricket during the current whole sport plan which runs to 2017.

"Our goal at the ECB is “to inspire the nation to choose cricket”. In order to achieve this we must all commit to investing our time, energy and resources into club cricket. The strategy will be successful if clubs primarily focus on improving the experiences of everyone involved in cricket."

Mike Gatting OBE

Acme Service

Middlesex Cricket works with a selected number of clubs on major facilities development projects known as 'Acme Projects'. Since launching in 2013, case officers have been engaged on projects covering various facilities development objectives: from the installation of new practice facilities, to CricketForce showcases; from the building of pavilion extensions, to the establishment of new cricket grounds.

To-date, over £1.5m in external funding has been secured towards these projects from funders such as Sport England, the Mayor of London's Sports Facilities Fund, London Marathon Charitable Trust, as well as from the ECB and Middlesex Cricket Trust. Case Studies of completed Acme Projects to-date can be found below:

  • Chiswick CC (Asset transfer and CricketForce showcase)
  • Eastcote CC (new changing rooms block)
  • North London CC (storage facilities)
  • North Middlesex CC (new non-turf facilities)
  • Osterley CC (new square and changing rooms)
  • Richmond CC (new second ground)
  • Stanmore CC (NatWest CricketForce showcase).

Video case studies of Stanmore and Chiswick can be found below:


Capital Projects Funding

Prior to making any capital funding application, it is of critical importance that the sport development rationale for the submission is both well understood and articulated. This is because funders have set criteria for making an award – often directly related to organisations increasing participation in sport as a result of the investment.

Capital funding streams most relevant to cricket clubs in Middlesex can be downloaded via the attached pdf. Middlesex Cricket Participation Team staff have supported many successful applications made by local cricket clubs to these funds in recent years (see Acme Service).

ECB also produce a publication on sources of grant aid, and this can be downloaded here:

EWCT Small Grant Scheme

The England & Wales Cricket Trust (EWCT) Small Grant Scheme 2016, supported by Waitrose, is now open to applications. 

EWCT Small Grant Scheme

Key points:

  • All Clubs must be affiliated to the Middlesex Cricket Board in order to be considered.
  • Please read the guidance notes for Cricket Clubs attached in full.
  • A club must choose one funding theme only.
  • Cricket Clubs that received EWCT Small Grants funding in 2015 will not be eligible for 2016 funding.
  • Cricket Clubs are required to submit two quotations in support of their application.
  • Sufficient partnership funding must be contributed by the club, this is a minimum of 10%.

Key timescales:

  • Monday 16 November 2015 - The Scheme will open to applications
  • Friday 22 January 2016 - Closing date for applications to be submitted by Clubs to CCBs for consideration
  • Friday 4 March 2016 - Closing date for CCBs to submit to EWCT for processing

Please send completed applications FAO of Katie Berry to Middlesex Indoor School, 47 – 49 East End Road, London, N3 2TA

Alternatively, please scan the application form and the supporting documents and send to with ref: EWCT Small Grants 2016

Please note that applications received after the closing date of the 22 January will not be considered.

Ground Staff

Middlesex Cricket work with the Institute Of Groundsmanship's (IOG) Regional Pitch Advisor to provide specialist pitch support for grounds development and guidance to local clubs and organisations. Part-financed by funding from the ECB, regional pitch advisors are employed “to raise the standards of sports surfaces as well as the understanding of sports turf management practices among grassroots clubs.”

As a result, Middlesex Cricket and IOG launched the Pitch Support Network (PSN) service in 2015. This tiered pitch support programme is available to any affiliated club or organisation in the county. This allows clubs to engage with experienced ground staff on an informal basis to provide advice and guidance around their pitch development needs. More information on the levels of support available can be found in the PSN Service Offer document on the right of this page.

To request support, please submit a PSN Expression of Interest form, also located to the right of this page.

Further information and resources on groundsmanship in general can also be found on the ECB website:


Each year Middlesex Cricket host their County NatWest OSCAs event, which gives us the chance to recognise the achievements of volunteers who give so much of their time to the game of cricket. Each year this occasion gets bigger and better and our event is proudly sponsored by Lexus Edgware Road. Middlesex Cricket is indebted to the work of volunteers in clubs, boroughs, leagues and committees and this event allows us to show our appreciation to those people who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of cricket in the county. Awards are handed out in the following categories:

  • CricketForce
  • Building Partnerships
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Officials
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Young Volunteer
  • Leagues and Boards
  • Chance to Shine Coach of the Year
  • Chance to Shine Primary School of the Year
  • Chance to Shine Secondary School of the Year
  • Chance to Shine Teacher of the Year
  • Outstanding Service to Disability Cricket
  • Outstanding Contribution to Middlesex Cricket

We greatly appreciate the ongoing efforts of all of our volunteers and with our OSCAs event growing each year we hope that clubs, leagues and schools across the county continue to recognise the hard work of these volunteers and give them the recognition they deserve.

Here’s to another great year!

NatWest CricketForce

NatWest CricketForce is the initiative that “encourages members of the club and the local community to get together to get the ground ready for the new season.” It’s also a fantastic opportunity for clubs to make substantial improvements to their facilities, at a cost significantly cheaper than would otherwise be the case.

Each year, CricketForce takes place over one ‘big weekend’ in early April. Registered clubs can choose to take advantage of the benefits available at any time during the season, however.

To register, click here: CricketForce Registration

The Jewson Privilege Account Scheme is a micro-grant where a CricketForce-registered club contributes £50, and the ECB contributes a further £200, giving all successful applicants £250 to spend at Jewson for their club’s CricketForce event.

All registered clubs receive notice of the scheme when it is re-launched each year. 

Every winter, Middlesex Cricket selects and works closely with at least one club to develop and hold a successful NatWest CricketForce showcase project:

  • Harrow St Mary’s (2010 – national showcase).
  • Old Elizabethans (2011)
  • Uxbridge (2012)
  • Harrow Town (2013 – national showcase)
  • Stanmore (2014 – national OSCA shortlist)
  • Chiswick (2015– national OSCA award winner) 
  • Brondesbury and Osterley (2016 – national OSCA award winner)
  • Pinner (2017 national showcase) 

They’ve all seen significant financial investment into their facilities, recruited additional members & volunteers, and look back on their showcase event as a great achievement in their club’s history.

Further information on NatWest CricketForce can also be found at


Clubmark is an Accredited Scheme for clubs with junior sections which when achieved shows everyone that they run a Safe, Child friendly environment and that they have been recognised for reaching a benchmark for creating a high quality community cricket club.

In Middlesex this is a requirement for any junior team being able to compete in the Middlesex Colts Association Competitions highlighting the high standard that clubs in Middlesex Are achieving.

There are four key sections in ClubMark:

  • Duty of Care and Safeguarding Children

    Safeguarding is about how the club operates to create a culture that welcomes, involves and develops children and young people. By providing a safe and welcoming environment where the views of children, young people and adults are sought and taken into account ensuring the necessary checks are made.

    A club has a duty of care to ensure any child involved in related activities is protected from reasonably foreseeable forms of harm. This means acknowledging that the duty of care exists and putting practical measures in place to minimise the likelihood of harm arising.

    *For the avoidance of doubt, a child is any person under the age of 18 years

  • The Cricket Programme

    The nature of the cricket programme offered and the way it is delivered is important to the experience people have of your club and contributes to their decision as to whether to stay involved in the game long term. Most people like to feel safe, have fun and spend time with their friends in an environment that allows them to play the game, learn new things and achieve their potential.

    Whenever good coaches coach they consider the needs of the player first. A player – centred approach will provide players, whatever their ability with a higher quality experience and enable your club to be more successful in the recruitment, retention and development of players.

    Clubs should look to provide competition and developing an appropriate competition programme is vital for young people. There are many different formats of the game that can be used and adapted to suit the varied needs, motivations and lifestyles of current and potential new participants.

    Guidance is provided on supervising young players and minimum player to coach ratios. Clubs have to demonstrate that coaches are trained to appropriate levels and that the activities undertaken reflect best practice in the development of young people.

  • Knowing your Club and its Community – One Game

    One Game is the Inclusion and Diversity strategy that provides clear guidance on widening the appeal of cricket to ensure as many people as possible are welcomed into the game at all levels regardless of age, race, ability, gender, ethnic origin, nationality, colour, parental or marital status, religious belief, class or social background, sexual preference or political belief. The aim of this section is to ensure that all clubs are aware of their immediate community and know how to engage effectively with them.

  • Club Management

    Clubs that are well managed tend to be successful. They have well-ordered finances and keep all volunteers and members fully involved, engaged and well informed with good communication. Understanding and taking into account how the facilities (environmental), people (social) and financial (economic) interact with each other will enable you to create and sustain a safe and welcoming environment.

    If the day to day running of the club is efficient, strong links can be formed with external partners who will support your club in the community.

  1. Registration

    This is carried out through your local Cricket Development Officers – see contacts section

  2. Work towards Clubmark

    Completion of the evidence file

  3. Assessment

    There are two elements to the assessment, the review of the evidence file to see that it is complete and a site visit to the cricket club on a junior training night

  4. Annual Health Check

    Once accredited and annual review takes place to ensure standards are being maintained

  5. Re-Accreditation

    Every three years a full assessment takes place with a review of the evidence file and a site visit.

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